Government agencies looking for a fast, inexpensive alternative to recurring paper check disbursements can meet their requirements with PayCard.  PayCard is designed to replace costly paper check disbursements to government agency-program recipients.

As part of our commitment to provide city and county governments with the best 3rd party payment solutions, AMS has teamed with Elan Financial Services to offer this cost-effective, efficient electronic payment solution.

Government agencies now have a viable payment option they can use to electronically pay individuals receiving such benefits as SSA, Veterans, child support or unemployment insurance and achieve cost savings similar to those already realized with the use of direct deposit.

In fact, both agencies and their recipients can share in the advantages that PayCard offers. Also, every disbursement recipient is eligible for a PayCard. There are no credit checks or bank accounts required and individuals will have a variety of ways that they can get access to their funds.

Funds Access

Funds are deposited to a recipients PayCard account just like direct deposit to a checking account. The card works like a debit card, not a credit card. Recipients can only access funds transferred to the card. Recipients have multiple ways to access their funds: 

• Get cash withdrawals at all banks and credit unions that accept Visa or MasterCard
• Get cash at thousands of ATM's worldwide
• Make purchases at millions of locations that accept Visa or MasterCard debit cards worldwide
• Get cash back at no charge with PIN-based (Personal Identification Number) purchases at many merchants like supermarkets and retail stores

Government Agency PayCard Advantages

Aside from any initial start-up costs associated with rolling out the PayCard program, government agencies will immediately eliminate the re-occurring costs associated with printing and mailing checks. Agencies will also enjoy cost savings from decreased toner cartridge usage for their paycheck printers as well other expenses resulting from:

• Check fraud
• Replacing lost or stolen checks
• Reconciling and filing checks
• Elan assumes escheatment liability

Recipient Convenience and Security

From the recipient’s perspective, there are also intrinsic advantages and benefits when using PayCard offered to them instead of being paid via a traditional paper paycheck:

• No waiting for the mail
• No trips to the bank or check-cashing service
• Free online account access
• Balance information and customer service available via phone 24/7